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Of Cats and Men

When I first met the greatest artist and cat lover I have ever known, LeRoy Foster, he had just moved into an empty storefront on Livernois in his only home, Detroit. Being great at something like art does not necessarily translate to being materially well off. Old LeRoy struggled and needed the little bit of […]

Max Bidlefield

New Years Eve, 2014 New Years Eve is a reflective day and this one is no different. I woke up wishing my pal Carl Bidleman was here with me so we could reflect together. Carl was with me through many a day like this back in the 70’s and 80’s and other times when God […]


The woman in the center of the room doing jumping jacks breathlessly asked,  “Does this look like something a 50 year old could do?” My mother, Irene, was celebrating her birthday by laughing at her  fear of aging.  We, her family, laughed along without  a clue that in little more than a month she would […]

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

January 8, 2010 My portfolio of art supplies had passed uneventfully through the metal detectors and I was seated on a bench inside Detroit’s U. S. District Court. Outside the doors there were demonstrators and cameras and more cameras; people talking and shouting in languages from around the world. Inside the cameras were banned and […]


It was a bitter winter night in Detroit and I was exhausted. I had just finished sketching a play at the Attic Theater and was in a cold fog as I stared at a newspaper coin box in Greektown. I was broke, I didn’t even have a coin for a paper.  A disheveled, middle aged […]

The Smoky Mountains

Mid-August , 1995 Darkness was setting in as I sat by a fire facing Pretty Hollow Creek in a remote section of the Smoky Mountains. I sat munching my trail mix and  was lost in thought.  As the bear crept closer I was remembering the first time I came to these mountains twenty years earlier. […]


May 26, 1986, Memorial Day My father would die this day. I knew it was coming.  We got the word in January that his cancer was terminal and shortly thereafter he was a hospice home care patient.  I was his primary caregiver and had by this time moved in with him.  Though morphine helped some […]

The Lost Lamb

Autumn, 1969 It was a warm, cloudy Autumn morning and I was restless.  I emerged from Akers Hall at MSU determined to exercise away the demons. Newly free of the seminary I had discovered that being in a relationship with the girl of my dreams (who now lived across the street) was more complicated than […]


One of the most helpful moments in my life almost killed me.   It was late at night in January, 25 years ago, and I was in a deep funk.  I’m prone to fits of depression so it wasn’t anything especially new. I’d learned how to put a good face on things and I thought […]

The Sparrow

I was an escapee from a Jesuit Retreat House. Walking the sidewalks of suburban Cleveland on a hot July afternoon, I didn’t know where I was going and didn’t really care.  I was walking away from a six day silent retreat.  The safety of this wooded sanctuary seemed an illusion.  I didn’t really know anymore […]